Frozen Shoulder Documentary

Frozen Shoulder Documentary

In this insightful and candid frozen shoulder documentary, we get a glimpse into the life of Dr. Austin Oolo. We also get the chance to step back and hear the doctor reflect on his roots and the beginnings of Trigenics®.

Frozen Shoulder Documentary

Learn about how Dr. Austin Oolo managed his clinical practice in the early days with his late mother. Discover what lead him to start treating frozen shoulders! Watch and be dazzled as we see a side of him that he keeps relatively private–that of the consummate entertainer and multi-faceted musician. This is a documentary you don’t want to miss!

Dr. Allan Austin Oolo–The Man Behind the OAT

frozen shoulder documentaryTrigenics® is an international company with three main divisions. There are now thousands of registered Trigenics® practitioners worldwide. At the two frozen shoulder clinics in Toronto, Canada and Tallinn, Estonia, Dr. Austin Oolo performs the Trigenics® OAT Procedure and gives patients from around the world their lives back.


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