Frozen shoulder yoga exercises are very beneficial to frozen shoulder patients in both the freezing and thawing phase. In fact, yoga is healthy for the shoulders and body in general. There are numerous studies which demonstrate this. Imagine being able to go back to doing the things you love to do TWO DAYS after frozen shoulder treatment!

Silvia (Silvi) from Berlin, Germany did just that. Silvi is a yoga and pilates instructor and suffered from frozen shoulder for four months. She loves her profession and is a very active person. She was extremely dismayed that her frozen shoulder prevented her from working and prevented her from doing other things in life she enjoyed. Watch her amazing frozen shoulder recovery story!

Participants in a medical study attended yoga classes regularly and showed marked improvements in shoulder range of motion in addition to increases in muscular strength and muscular endurance. In addition to increasing flexibility and strength, yoga has been proven to improve respiration, energy and vitality.

In addition to the numerous physical benefits, yoga is great for stress relief and management. Stress can manifest itself physically in ways such as neck and shoulder pain. More importantly, severe chronic stress causing damaging adrenal dysfunction and high stress hormone levels (cortisol) has been linked to frozen shoulder.

Try making yoga a regular part of your life! Here are three yoga exercises which may help frozen shoulder sufferers.

Frozen Shoulder Yoga Exercises

Frozen shoulder is a debilitating condition that, left to run its course without treatment, can cause permanent degenerative changes. If you or a loved one is in the frozen stage of frozen shoulder, aggressive stretching or physiotherapy can worsen the condition. They are advised to do these yoga exercises safely within ranges of motions that are not painful so as to not aggravate the frozen shoulder. Maintaining some mobility in the shoulder joint during the frozen stage is critical to minimizing permanent degeneration.

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