Living with Frozen Shoulder

Living with Frozen Shoulder

Living with frozen shoulder is difficult. Every patient’s frozen shoulder story is unique. But the negative impact it has on a person’s daily life means that there are things common to all frozen shoulder sufferers.

Living with Frozen Shoulder – Simple Things We Take for Granted

Imagine not being able to hug a loved one, scratch behind the back, comb your hair, or put on a shirt normally. Whereas our blog posts are usually meant to teach and inform, this time we would like to showcase a documentary video by John Steele, a patient we cured from Portland, USA.

“Getting my Life Back”

John produced this short documentary which shows what his life was like suffering from adhesive capsulitis frozen shoulder and what his life is like after being fixed by the Trigenics® OAT procedure. It provides an insight into how frozen shoulder can affect us–right down to the simple things in life we take for granted. John documents his incredible progress and shows us what he could do that he could not do before the OAT procedure.

Living with Frozen Shoulder John Steele documentary Trigenics OAT Procedure adhesive capsulitis cure

Enjoy the short documentary. It is an inspirational, endearing video that reminds us of what not to take for granted. John’s message for his fellow former frozen shoulder sufferers is to remember the things you weren’t able to do before the OAT and to cherish what you are able to do now. Our message is to current frozen shoulder sufferers: You are not alone. There is help out there. You do not have to suffer anymore.

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